class parsl.providers.provider_base.ExecutionProvider[source]

Define the strict interface for all Execution Provider

script_string ------->|  submit
     id      <--------|---+
[ ids ]       ------->|  status
[statuses]   <--------|----+
[ ids ]       ------->|  cancel
[cancel]     <--------|----+
[True/False] <--------|  scaling_enabled

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


cancel(job_ids) Cancels the resources identified by the job_ids provided by the user.
status(job_ids) Get the status of a list of jobs identified by the job identifiers returned from the submit request.
submit(command, blocksize, tasks_per_node[, …]) The submit method takes the command string to be executed upon instantiation of a resource most often to start a pilot (such as IPP engine or even Swift-T engines).


scaling_enabled The callers of ParslExecutors need to differentiate between Executors and Executors wrapped in a resource provider