Currently packaging is managed by @annawoodard and @yadudoc.

Steps to release

  1. Update the version number in parsl/parsl/

  2. Check the following files to confirm new release information * parsl/ * requirements.txt * parsl/docs/devguide/changelog.rst * parsl/README.rst

  3. Commit and push the changes to github

  4. Run the script. This script will verify that version number matches the version specified.


Here are the steps that is taken by the script:

# Create a new git tag :
git tag <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<BUG_REV>
# Push tag to github :
git push origin <TAG_NAME>

# Depending on permission all of the following might have to be run as root.
sudo su

# Make sure to have twine installed
pip3 install twine

# Create a source distribution
python3 sdist

# Create a wheel package, which is a prebuilt package
python3 bdist_wheel

# Upload the package with twine
twine upload dist/*