class parsl.providers.provider_base.ExecutionProvider[source]

Execution providers are responsible for managing execution resources that have a Local Resource Manager (LRM). For instance, campus clusters and supercomputers generally have LRMs (schedulers) such as Slurm, Torque/PBS, Condor and Cobalt. Clouds, on the other hand, have API interfaces that allow much more fine-grained composition of an execution environment. An execution provider abstracts these types of resources and provides a single uniform interface to them.

The providers abstract away the interfaces provided by various systems to request, monitor, and cancel compute resources.

script_string ------->|  submit
     id      <--------|---+
[ ids ]       ------->|  status
[statuses]   <--------|----+
[ ids ]       ------->|  cancel
[cancel]     <--------|----+

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.



Initialize self.


Cancels the resources identified by the job_ids provided by the user.


Get the status of a list of jobs identified by the job identifiers returned from the submit request.

submit(command, tasks_per_node[, job_name])

The submit method takes the command string to be executed upon instantiation of a resource most often to start a pilot (such as IPP engine or even Swift-T engines).



Number of cores to provision per node.


Provides the label for this provider


Real memory to provision per node in GB.


Returns the interval, in seconds, at which the status method should be called.