class parsl.data_provider.files.File(url, dman=None, cache=False, caching_dir='.')[source]

The Parsl File Class.

This class captures various attributes of a file, and relies on client-side and worker-side systems to enable to appropriate transfer of files.

Note that an error will be raised if one tries to create a File without an associated DataManager. That DataManager may be specified explicitly as a parameter to the File constructor, or may be implicitly specified via a previously loaded Parsl config.

A File which is not associated with a DataManager is ill-defined.

__init__(url, dman=None, cache=False, caching_dir='.')[source]

Construct a File object from a url string.

  • url (-) – url string of the file e.g. - ‘input.txt’ - ‘file:///scratch/proj101/input.txt’ - ‘globus://go#ep1/~/data/input.txt’ - ‘globus://ddb59aef-6d04-11e5-ba46-22000b92c6ec/home/johndoe/data/input.txt’
  • dman (-) – data manager


__init__(url[, dman, cache, caching_dir]) Construct a File object from a url string.
set_data_future(df[, executor])
stage_in(executor) Transport file from the input source to the executor.
stage_out([executor]) Transport file from executor to final output destination.


filepath Return the resolved filepath on the side where it is called from.