class parsl.executors.base.ParslExecutor[source]

Define the strict interface for all Executor classes.

This is a metaclass that only enforces concrete implementations of functionality by the child classes.

In addition to the listed methods, a ParslExecutor instance must always have a member field:

label: str - a human readable label for the executor, unique
with respect to other executors.

An executor may optionally expose:

storage_access: List[parsl.data_provider.staging.Staging] - a list of staging

providers that will be used for file staging. In the absence of this attribute, or if this attribute is None, then a default value of parsl.data_provider.staging.default_staging will be used by the staging code.

Typechecker note: Ideally storage_access would be declared on executor __init__ methods as List[Staging] - however, lists are by default invariant, not co-variant, and it looks like @typeguard cannot be persuaded otherwise. So if you’re implementing an executor and want to @typeguard the constructor, you’ll have to use List[Any] here.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__ Initialize self.
scale_in(blocks) Scale in method.
scale_out(blocks) Scale out method.
set_bad_state_and_fail_all(exception) Allows external error handlers to mark this executor as irrecoverably bad and cause all tasks submitted to it now and in the future to fail.
shutdown() Shutdown the executor.
start() Start the executor.
status() Return the status of all jobs/blocks currently known to this executor.
submit(func, *args, **kwargs) Submit.


bad_state_is_set Returns true if this executor is in an irrecoverable error state.
executor_exception Returns an exception that indicates why this executor is in an irrecoverable state.
hub_address Address to the Hub for monitoring.
hub_port Port to the Hub for monitoring.
run_dir Path to the run directory.
scaling_enabled Specify if scaling is enabled.
tasks Contains a dictionary mapping task IDs to the corresponding Future objects for all tasks that have been submitted to this executor.