Parsl - Parallel Scripting Library

Parsl is a Python library for programming and executing data-oriented workflows (dataflows) in parallel. Parsl scripts allow selected Python functions and external applications (called apps) to be connected by shared input/output data objects into flexible parallel workflows. Rather than explicitly defining a dependency graph and/or modifying data structures, instead developers simply annotate Python functions and Parsl constructs a dynamic, parallel execution graph derived from the implicit linkage between apps based on shared input/output data objects. Parsl then executes apps when dependencies are met. Parsl is resource-independent, that is, the same Parsl script can be executed on a laptop, cluster, cloud, or supercomputer.

Parsl can be used to realize a variety of workflows:

  • Parallel dataflow in which tasks are executed when their dependencies are met.
  • Interactive and dynamic workflows in which the workflow is dynamically expanded during execution by users or the workflow itself.
  • Procedural workflows in which serial execution of tasks are managed by Parsl.

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