class parsl.channels.OAuthSSHChannel(hostname, username=None, script_dir=None, envs=None, port=22)[source]

SSH persistent channel. This enables remote execution on sites accessible via ssh. This channel uses Globus based OAuth tokens for authentication.

__init__(hostname, username=None, script_dir=None, envs=None, port=22)[source]

Initialize a persistent connection to the remote system. We should know at this point whether ssh connectivity is possible

Parameters:hostname (-) – Hostname
  • username (string) : Username on remote system
  • script_dir (string) : Full path to a script dir where generated scripts could be sent to.
  • envs (dict) : A dictionary of env variables to be set when executing commands
  • port (int) : Port at which the SSHService is running



__init__(hostname[, username, script_dir, …]) Initialize a persistent connection to the remote system.
abspath(path) Return the absolute path on the remote side.
close() Closes the channel.
execute_no_wait(cmd[, walltime, envs]) Execute asynchronousely without waiting for exitcode
execute_wait(cmd[, walltime, envs]) Synchronously execute a commandline string on the shell.
isdir(path) Return true if the path refers to an existing directory.
makedirs(path[, mode, exist_ok]) Create a directory on the remote side.
prepend_envs(cmd[, env])
pull_file(remote_source, local_dir) Transport file on the remote side to a local directory
push_file(local_source, remote_dir) Transport a local file to a directory on a remote machine


script_dir This is a property.